The Hip-E Club was established in 1988 which makes us one of the most successful and longest running nightclubs in both Perth and Australia.

Located in funky Leederville, the Hip-E Club boasts a retro style which is the perfect setting for your next night out.

The club’s interior is moulded into a colourful neon kaleidoscope with murals, three-dimensional colour explosions, vibrant hieroglyphics and multiple imaging screens decorating the walls. The dance floor features an old Volkswagen Kombi Van which functions as the DJ booth where DJ e-Funk can be found playing the hits from the last three decades.

Additionally, the Hip-E Club offers a versatile outdoor area with its own bar, seating, large umbrellas and wall mounted heaters to provide year-round comfort.

Our trading nights are Tuesday, Friday and Saturday with a unique theme for each.

Book a function with us for VIP entry or hire the venue for your next exclusive event.

Grab your friends and enjoy a night out at Perth’s favourite nightclub…the Hip-E Club!

Conditions of Entry

Photo ID Scanning

To enhance security and customer safety, patrons will be photographed and their photo ID scanned as a condition of entry.

Only the following forms of CURRENT PHOTO ID are acceptable:

  • Australian Drivers Licence
  • Australian Learner’s Permit
  • Australian Proof of Age Card
  • Australian Photo Card
  • Passport

Dress Code and Presentation Standards

We respect individuality and encourage this; however, we expect all patrons to incorporate class, effort and style into their presentation.

The following attire is considered UNACCEPTABLE at all times and DOES NOT meet the minimum presentation standards required to gain entry into the Hip-E Club.

  • Torn, scruffy or soiled clothing;
  • Attire with offensive designs/words and insignias – NO fight brands, references to gangs or alcohol;
  • Sports, athletic, gym/active wear – trackpants, board shorts and sporting guernseys are not permitted (exemptions may apply);
  • Skate shoes, sneakers/runners, steel cap boots and thongs;
  • Hats including caps and beanies.


  • Jeans or better. Dress or denim shorts are only allowed during the warmer months;
  • Fashionable t-shirts or better;
  • Enclosed shoes are advisable. Dress shoes, fashion canvas shoes or boots are preferred.


  • Enclosed shoes are advisable. Flats, heels, fashion canvas shoes or boots are preferred.

Please note that for the comfort of our patrons, the venue is unable to allow entry to:

  • Known members of outlaw gangs or drug dealers
  • Aggressive, violent, intoxicated persons
  • Persons who have previously caused conflict at the venue